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Preparing for the Invisible ME exhibition for Spring 2020

An appeal for material – from the serious to the zany!

Following the good news about the £10,000 Awards for All grant from the Big Lottery, we are planning to create a small, travelling exhibition providing information about ME/CFS and communicating something of the experience of living with the condition. This will be ready for Spring 2020. We want to create an exhibition that will provide key information and elements of your own stories and experiences but will also capture people’s imagination to draw them in, so we want ideas please!

We are looking for any thoughts, ideas, quotes or anything that gives a sense of what it feels like to have ME/CFS? It could be literal, zany, whacky or whatever! We have come across ideas such as,’ it’s like drinking 6 bottles of red wine and having a god-awful hangover – but you can’t just take an alka seltzer!’ or ‘it’s like having the flu, then running a marathon in the sunshine!’. You can send us anything; a quote, a poem, a picture, a few scribbled words

Anything, from the serious to the downright crazy! Ironically, to get people’s attention we may have to make them laugh as well as think. Do please join us and perhaps we will find a way to laugh ourselves on the journey!

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