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Invisible ME

proudly presents

Tissues. Water. Clock.

A new audio play shedding light on invisible illness is available now.

Witten by Jayne Newton Chance.

Over the past two years a dedicated team including a writer, director, actors and artists have collected stories from people around South East Cornwall living with ME / CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).

These first-hand experiences provide the material for Invisible ME’s powerful and moving new audio drama.

The play is in three episodes of approximately 20 minutes each.

Listen to Tissues. Water. Clock. below:

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Warning: The play contains strong language.

We welcome feedback from listeners. Contact David Oddie and Dr Hilary Doe
on: invisiblemecornwall@gmail.com.


Welcome to the Invisible ME web-site.

The web-site is a source of information about Invisible ME, its beginnings, activities and plans for the future. We would like to welcome you with some uplifting images of remarkable painting and photography that are a source of inspiration to us. They have been created by two very talented artists in East Cornwall who both experience profound disability through the cruel impact of severe ME/CFS. Both artists are virtually housebound but in short bursts of creative energy produce these remarkable images.

More information about these three and more paintings can be found through contacting Duheved Art at http://dunhevedart.com


Grumbler Pump House and St Aubyn Farm

Summer Soltice on Roughtor Dunheved Art

Summer Solstice on Roughtor

Launceston Skyline Dunheved Art

Launceston Skyline

The two photographs below are created by IWIAN and are not to be printed or shared beyond this web-site. IWIAN has sole property rights and copywright.

Iwian. Sunset

Sunset by IwianIwian flowers abstract

Flowers Abstract by Iwian

Invisible ME was inspired by Dr Hilary Doe, a doctor who was also a keen mountaineer and outdoor sports enthusiast. Here is a picture of Hilary at the summit of Cairngorm, Scotland in deep winter.


Fifteen years ago Hilary was stricken with ME/CFS and lost both her career and ability to wander in her beloved mountains. On a bad day a staircase can be her north face challenge!

Stairs Mountain

Together with her husband David, a theatre and arts educator, they pooled their respective skills and asked, ‘what can we do?’ The answer was Invisible ME, so here it is!

David and Hilary